THE GIFT BOX "a special experience"

THE GIFT BOX "a special experience"

You can now make a very special gift without leaving your house: THE GIFT BOX OF THE HOTEL ATXASPI: an special experience

Choose some of the plans and offers of the Hotel Atxaspi and we prepare you the gift box and send it to the address that you provide us or to your house so that you can hand it.

You only need to contact us via email or by phone (948 637536), indicating the Plan or Offer you are interested in to include in the gift box.

And, if you want, you can also send some special and custom message.

We prepare the Gift Box that you indicate us, send to the address you want and the costs of managing and sending are paid by us.

And it is not necessary to specify the date to enjoy the gift box.


The lucky chooses the date and...  enjoy!

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